Hello! Welcome to the Web site!

I love kayaking. Plain and simple. I guess my love for the ocean, ponds, lakes, and especially streams continually blesses me as I get the opportunities to get out on them, in nothing better than a kayak. My sense of calmness and peace help to get in touch with my inner being when I am out paddling. The Scorpio woman that I am only finds me being pulled to water...of any kind, of any location, in any weather!

In Maine, where I reside, it seems as though we get afternoon winds, sometimes being quite windy. Jules, a dear friend of mine, and I were out kayaking Swan Lake, right here in Swanville, Maine. We had spent the entire day paddling the warm water, eventually making our way around the total circumference. We saw many types of wildlife, but seeing the eagle and her three babies took the cake for the highlight of the day!

As we entered, probably, the last mile of our trip, that afternoon wind picked up. We were clearly in what I refer to as the "F-F" mode (figure that one out). Water was splashing up over the bow, it seemed, with every stroke. I was head down, full speed ahead, and loving every minute of the strenuous adventure. I finally looked over at Jules and simply stated, "You know, Jules, KAYAKING MAKES ME WET!!!"

Well...we stopped and we laughed and we laughed and as we laughed and laughed, we lost a lot of headway! We were drifting back quickly. Eventually we made it back to shore, and still found ourselves laughing over my comment. We thought at that point we should make it into tee shirts.

A few months passed, and on my birthday, Jules showed up with a gift. When I unwrapped it, I found the first ever "kayaking makes me wet" shirt (left). She had gone to a tee shirt man and had him put a simple, generic, design on it. I loved it. She told me the guys at the tee shirt place loved it too. Anyway, to make a long story not so long, we once again brought up the tee shirt business.

Claiming that we could definitely come up with a more unique and bold design to express our thrill of kayaking, I then located a graphic artist out in Vail, Colorado. After many preliminary sketches, he came up with a great water person in a kayak. It showed action and also expressed the pure thrill and love of kayaking.

We have had many responses. Some with total acceptance and humor and some of the others that consider it "controversial." But you know, life does not always have to be taken serious. I agree with the saying...Life Is Short...Paddle Hard!!! And lighten up. Keep the humor!

So, we have gone with the adventure of getting the shirts out to the public, and so far have done pretty well. The shirts are now in twenty-two states and slowly building. We have a great time at it. We go to alot of river races and kayak rodeos and sell them on the spot. We advertise in Canoe and Kayak Magazine and HSI.ONLINE shopping network, we distribute business cards and are now going on word of mouth. So, we are excited to share the thrill of this great sport! Help us grow!! Spread the word!

When we started out, we didn't know, and actually, still do not know where this adventure will go. So, as we contemplated a name for this business I came up with "swig" productions. Simply, it inadvertently stands for "See Where It Goes." So there, you have the story of "swig" productions, and the "kayaking makes me wet" logo.

In the process of getting my kayaking shirts up and going, I have added rafting and windsurfing shirts with the same water man and similar logo. Oh, what fun!

We'd love to hear comments, see pictures, etc. from any and all of you kayak lovers. Enjoy the site, enjoy the shirts, but most of all enjoy the sport of kayaking. May it be warming for your soul, as it is for mine.


Robin Peterson-Lewis